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Ankle boots. Cheetah Print. Leather. Ponchos. Vintage Florals. Tweed. Loafers. Arm Candy. Fuzzy Sweaters. Hints of Neon. Layers on Layers on Layers. Chestnut bags. Studs on everything. Military Chic.

Image Courtesy of atlanta-pacific.blogspot.com

Are you drooling yet? We are. After the steamy summertime, we are ready to pile on the layers and feel cold for once! Our Pinterest boards have been overflowing since July with scarves, jeans, and boot combos, but can you blame us? Alas, things are cooling down quickly, but also warming up with comfy sweaters, embroidered scarves, amazing boots and luxe leather jackets. Oh, and you can’t forget your pumpkin spice latte as your best accessory!

Image Courtesy of les-miserable.tumblr.com

This fall, adorn yourself in these trends and you will no doubt be comfortable, warm and on point! We can’t wait to break ’em out.

Let yourself experiment with different textures, lengths and looks to fully develop your fall wardrobe. Warmth is mostly the key here, remember that! But, you can also jazz up your outfit with studs, embroidery, a little badass-ness (:)) and a little bit of your personality with funky makeup.

Browse through these top trends for fall and comment with your favorite!

Image Courtesy of sevenhalos.com

Have a very fashionable weekend!

-The 4inFashion Girls-