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Hey everyone! Caroline here!

Spring and summer are two wonderful seasons to play with makeup, more specifically colorful makeup! I cannot wait to share with you some of my tips and trips for making these looks wearable for every eye color, skin tone, and personality!

First off, the coral lip. It’s bright, it’s cheery and you can’t have a bad day when wearing it! Coral is a color that looks wonderful on the lightest skin tones to the darkest skin tones and brings out blue eyes as well ask brown eyes. Now, coral can be worn on your lips, cheeks, eyes and toes! Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure!

With a coral eye look, the focus for lighter skin tones is on subtlety. You don’t want your look to scream, more whisper in a pretty way. I love to pair coral eyes with bronzed skin for a great effect. I load on the gold eye shadow (try “Half Baked” by Urban Decay) and then just slip some matte coral shadow (i love to use “Free to Be” by MAC) into my crease (the hollow of your eye socket) and pull it slightly above. When you do this, you get a simple pop of color that you can see when your eyes are open and closed.


Image courtesy of google images

Now, for darker skin tones (as seen in the RiRi photo above), you want to take that coral color and sweep it over the entire lid! This makes for a beautiful wash of color that makes your eyes pop. Green and hazel eyes will really be emphasized with this look.

When you think spring, you think floral dresses, easter egg hunts, thunderstorms…and flushed cheeks, right? Spring is the perfect time to look adorable and sport those effortlessly pinched cheeks! There are so many blush products that have inundated the market. There are creams, gels, powders…you name it, it exists. I happen to like the cream/liquid products that not only give you a pretty flush, but also give you a little gleam and a highlight.

Some products you could use to achieve this are:

Bobbi Brown Sheer Cheek Tint

Makeup Forever High Definition Blush

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush (super afforable!)

ELF Studio Cream Blush ($1-3 dollars!)

The list could go on and on! These products are also great because you can also apply a lot of them on your lips and your eyes if you were in a pinch and needed to look perked up fast! In terms of application,  I would suggest applying the blush on the sides of your face (top of the cheekbones) and blending in towards the apples. This not only slims the face and provides more contours, it also lessens the “doll-like” appearance that blush applied on the apple of the cheek can provide.

Last, but definitely not least, we have the lips! Lips are definitely the biggest statement accessory you can have this season. I have seen purples and pinks and neons all over! Do not be afraid to try out these colors, if it doesn’t work out how you’d like.. you can always just try something else! Bright lips are the ultimate expression of a huge personality, which I love.


Image courtesy of google images

Obviously, I am not going to tell you to wear all of those colors to work or to the gym… but on your days off or nights out with the girls, be brave and try something out! I would suggest that you keep your eye makeup toned down and neutral, so your lips can take center stage.

Here some celebs lead the way..


Image courtesy of google images

Well, that’s all I got! I hope you have a beautiful rest of your week x Caroline