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Hello Everyone! It’s Caroline here with some awesome ideas for New Year’s Eve makeup, hair, and outfits!

New Years Eve is the perfect time of year in which no one will wonder why your false eyelashes are so long, your glittery heels so high or your smile is so bright. It truly is a fun time-from getting ready to ringing in the New Year!

First things first, I was walking through Sephora and fell in LOVE with this beautiful shade. “Stop Shocking Me” by Sephora by OPI. It is the most beautiful purple in the light, but in natural light it has hints of bronze, which I adore. This is on my toes and hands. It is the perfect sparkly hint, without being too overbearing!

Image Source: bandie-cat.blogspot.com

For makeup, I have always resorted to cool glitter liner looks for NYE. They are a fun, simple way to achieve a high-impact look. You don’t need an extremely steady hand, like with black liners and the overall look is something that you can only pull off on New Years. Urban Decay has some great glitzy liners that I have used in the past, and NYX has some cheaper alternatives. I would suggest testing the liners (where possible) in order to make sure that the glitter is really “dense” in the liner. I always get frustrated when I do a strip of liner and there are only a few clusters of glitter. Just ensure that the glitter is even and thick throughout in order to achieve the desired look.

Here are the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners. They come in a huge array of colors and are priced around $18.

Image Source: allthatsparkles.buzznet.com

 The NYX Candy Glitter liners are packaged adorably and retail for around $4. So many fun colors! It would be fun to do multiple layered!

Image Source: makeupattitude2.blogspot.com

Here are some pretty NYE makeup looks!

Image Source: lovelyish.com
Image Source: eyeshadowlipstick.com
Image Source: safealertshopping.com

GORGEOUS! Now for the hair…

I always adore wavy curls that just look effortless and chic, even as the night bears on.

Image Source: sodasalon.com

This updo is so fun and looks like it’s something that is DIY worthy. Its a messy, not perfectly “done” look that will keep you hair out of your eyes so you can dance the night away!

Image Source: beautyrama.com

Now for the girls that always seem to running late, this hairstyle is for you! Tease your hair at the crown a bit, run a small center part, pile your hair into a low ponytail. Pull out a few bang pieces and curl the ends and while your at it, curl the ends of your ponytail. Spray and you’re out the door!

Image Source: bellasugar.com

Nastygal.com has some AMAZING NYE dresses that will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Click the photo to go to the site.

Image Source: nastygal.com

I am in LOVE!!!

Image Source: nastygal.com
Image Source: nastygal.com

 Shoes make any outfit, so you can’t forget them! I personally love a great pair of glitter heels, I think they look great with a nude or black dress for a wonderful pop of personality and fun.

Image Source: asos.com
Image Source: nordstrom.com
Image Source: nordstrom.com

Now pop open that bubbly and go celebrate! Everyone be safe and have a wonderful start to your two thousand and twelve!