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Caroline – The Bohemian One

With Christmas around the corner, it is hard to resist thinking about all the wonderful gifts to be given and received. Here are some of my most desirable things on my Christmas wish list!

1. To be with friends and family! This is by far the best gift anyone can give me. My family is full of wonderful, loving people who are willing to support me in every way and I thank them for that.

2. This beautiful turquoise necklace from Anthropologie! It is AMAZING!

Image Source: anthropologie.com

3. One of my favorite authors and poets is  E.E. Cummings and one of my favorite accessory is a leather cuff, so much better is an E.E. Cummings leather cuff!

Image Source: thinkgeek.com

Stay warm out there! XOXO

McCall – The Trendsetter

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the sights of sparkles, lights and snow; the smells of peppermint, cinnamon and spices; and the atmosphere of friends, family and cheer. With Christmas brings all of the carols and of course gift exchanges. I hope that Santa and his elves don’t think I have been naughty this year because I have found some amazing items that I want.

1. I love Michele watches! I don’t go anywhere without wearing either my Urban Mini Diamond Gold or sporty Tahitian Jelly Bean White one. I have found an amazing new piece that I need in my collection. Anyone could stand out in a crowd wearing the Deco Chocolate Ceramic Diamond Rose Gold!!! This watch is effortlessly chic with the sparkling diamonds and brown mother-of-pearl dial.

Image source: Michele.com

 2. I love to work out. I am a fitness instructor part-time and am always wanting new work out clothes. I am a firm believer that it is much more fun to look good while you exercise and it makes you feel better too. Another item on my christmas gift list is lululemon athletic wear. I love these cropped pants because they add a girly aspect with my favorite color pink.

Image source: lululemon.com

 Another item from Lulu that I love are their jackets. I found a great lightweight one that has thumb holes (LOVE) and is also water-repellent. The lilac color is so cute too!

Image source: lululemon.com

3. A good riding boot is a timeless wardrobe staple. This Tory Burch boot is stylish, functional and comfortable. They are the perfect complement to the season’s longer hemlines and are equally chic paired with jeans and a sweater.

Image source: Toryburch.com

Happy Holidays!

Shante Fenqiue – The Glamourista

I love the holidays and this season I’m graduating from college with my undergraduate degree in fashion marketing and merchandising so I expect really good gifts. I actually wrote a list for my dad that goes as follows:  Birken bag, 2 carat canary yellow diamond earrings, a new Mac, an iPad, Chanel bag, a car and Jimmy Choo stilettos. He looked at it and basically said, ” Dream on.” So none of this is happening for me. I didn’t expect it. If I told him other things he wouldn’t want to spend the money on them anyway. My dad sees it as a waste. He’s very cheap. So unless I’m getting something off this list I’ll take cash for Christmas. I know it sounds selfish to say that since the holidays are about family but I was always planning to be with my family anyway. I plan on doing all the festive things and all of that.  When it comes to gifts, my Christmases the last few years have been utter let downs. One year he brought me a dresser. Guess at 22 I’m getting too old. So, I’m not displaying pictures of things that I can’t have. I’m not into self-torture. This year I’m taking matters into my own hands and I’m buying my own gifts which are: sunglasses and boots.

I’m pretty obsessed with sunglasses. Especially designer ones. I lost my Dior sunglasses and the sun hasn’t looked right since. To ease my pain I plan on buying myself Chanel and/or Tiffany ones like the ones pictured below.Super chic and classically glamorous.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

For the last 2 or 3 years I’ve asked my father for thigh high boots but he always says they’re sold out at the store.  He also won’t buy me any uggs so I might get some this year for myself.

Courtesy of Google Images

These are super sexy Report Signature Fairfax Boots.

Courtesy of UggAustralia.com

These are sensible for the Chicago snow and are still chic.

Brooke – The All American

Does anyone else think it is absolutely ridiculous retailers begin adorning their stores with Christmas decorations in October? Well I have good news for all those entailed: It is now socially acceptable to put up those trees, sing Christmas carols, bake some cookies, and get in the Christmas spirit! Making a Christmas list is one of the first things I do when preparing for the holidays. I tend to be pretty practical when it comes to my Christmas list, but here it goes!

1)      A hair cut from the BEST hair stylist ever, Christen Nosser. I began going to Christen two years ago after searching for the perfect stylist to cut my hair. Christen does a fabulous job updating my look without going overboard. Visit Christen at Belleza Salon in O’Fallon, MO for a great look! Her and the rest of the ladies at Belleza are sure to give you a great experience. http://www.mybellezasalon.com/

Courtesy of Google Images

2)      I’m always in desperate need of workout clothes. Naturally, Christmas is the best time of year to receive the perfect gift! Nike and Under Armour are my favorite brands of workout attire. Below are some of my favorites!

Courtesy of Google ImagesUnder Armour's Dri Fit is great to keep you warm while running in the winter!Courtesy of Google Images

3)      Lastly, I would love a new classic handbag! Handbags are one of the most difficult pieces of women’s wardrobes to shop for. I have gravitated toward Coach in the past since their specialty is classic handbags. The leather Kristin zip up tote is my favorite this season! I think the grey color will take me from winter to spring flawlessly.

Courtesy of Coach.com

I hope you all get everything you want and more this holiday season! I for one will just be happy to see my family come into town; even if I don’t get everything on my Christmas list! 😉