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Caroline – The Bohemian One

If there is one thing that indicates one’s style, it’s their choice in shoes. It is amazing how much information you can gain just based on the person’s shoe choice. Some distressed; some new and shiny; some are just basic-there to do their job. The right pair of shoes are the finishing touch to any outfit and can add so much to whatever you’re wearing. As I have mentioned before, boots are where it’s at this season and they are both functional and warm. Boots are always perfect for transitional weather too; you can sport some booties with shorts and look comfy and edgy. Who doesn’t love this look with a good pair of daisy dukes? Add a leather jacket and some cool feather earrings and you can go from daytime to night time.

-Image Source:msalon.com

lso, don’t think that shorts and booties are exempt from winter fashion-you can totally pair some tights underneath your shorts for a rebellish look. Opaque black tights will work perfectly, but you can also go for the more fun polka dotted, lace, or hole-y pair.

I know this can sound daunting, but a pair of comfy, shearling lined clogs are big for fall and winter. The soft camel color suits a great pair of dark wide leg jeans and  a cute printed top. With a platform, these shoes are seriously comfy and the brads on the side add a cute touch of flare. How AMAZING are these? They’re Chanel, and how incredible would they look with black tights and a wispy, white ankle length skirt!

Image Source: harparsbazaar.com

The simple ones are great too and can last you forever. These were popular in the 70’s and now their back, so history definitely repeats itself for the better. You can even bring them into the spring and summer, with shorts and skirts. The best kind of shoe is a shoe you can wear all year round. Don’t fear the clog!

Image Source:minfashionist.wordpress.com

For those of you not currently “enjoying” this oncoming winter weather and are located in a sunnier climate, you get to wear the ultimate boho shoe: the sandal. Sandals are a way of life for a bohemian. You practically live in them during the warmer months! Recent trends are showing funky beads, cool floral and patterned prints and so much more! It’s so much fun to play with all the different styles; gladiators are my personal favorite. Therefore, I simply cannot wait for spring and summer (albeit winter has barely begun) to rock my favorite styles! From simple Rainbows to crazier gladiator sandals, you cannot go wrong.

Good luck! xo

McCall – The Trendsetter

I love shoes. Anyone can tell this by looking at my shoe rack in my closet stacked with heels. There are so many colors, styles, and types! This season is diverse and enables women to find a shoe they really enjoy. When speaking about color, brights are being switched for darker hues. Trendy colors range from black, white, burgundy, nude, chocolate, and magenta. As for material, leather, reptile skins, patent and suede, and lace are all on trend.

Shoes made from reptile skin are very trendy. Many designers including Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Chloe, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino are opting to use snake and crocodile in their new collections.

Louis Vuitton

Michael Kors

No one can deny how gorgeous patent leather looks. Both boots and shoes can be found in various colors and combinations. Color blocking is especially popular as seen in Marc Jacobs and Viktor & Rolf collections.

Marc Jacobs


Viktor & Rolf

High quality suede always looks luxurious. Designers use it every season and this fall and winter is no exception. This year you will find suede in bold, eye-popping colors.

Diane von Furstenberg

Heels never go out of style and this season you can choose from chunky or spike ones. Chunky heels are practical and comfortable yet very vogue. However, this type of heel will never be as sexy or elegant as spike ones. I love spike heels because of the sexuality they possess.

Rag & Bone

Christian Dior

As it gets colder, don’t feel like you can’t wear your heels anymore. Try the newest trend of wearing socks with them. If socks with heels aren’t your style, you can try warm tights which will look more sophisticated.

Shante Fenique – The Glamorista

 I love really tall heels that are gorgeous and sexy. The taller the heel the better your posture and your legs look. Just make sure you can walk in these and have shoe pads if you need them. The following are some of my favorites from Jimmy Choo.

Courtesy of JimmyChoo.com

Super sexy and I love these.

Courtesy of JimmyChoo.com

Very bedazzled and glamorous and I love this.

Courtesy of JimmyChoo.com

I love this. They python print and all the different things you can pair them with.

Courtesy of JimmyChoo.com

Love a good bootie!

Brooke – The All American

I mentioned in an earlier post I can’t live without my black pencil skirt and a peep toe pump. Well the truth is, if you take a look at any of the heels in my closet the majority of them truley are pumps! While searching for 2011 trends it seems color blocking is all the rage. So I had the novel idea, why not color block a simple pump? The nude pump featured below is an updated look of the nude pump that was a must have for last year. My opinion: pair your color blocked nude pump with a great color blocked mini dress like the ones featured below!

Courtesy of Style.comCourtesy of Google Imagescourtesy of Google Images

 These garments below are the perfect examples of trending dresses incorporating color blocking.

Courtesy of Google Images

I’ve been looking for the trendy yet classic boot for this fall for the longest time! I finally found it while browsing the offerings of Thakoon’s collection of boots. The resemblance between the Thakoon boot and a boot from the 1920s is uncanny! This is the perfect example of updating a classic look from the 20s. I’m sure this look will continue to be updated for decades to come.

Thakoon Courtesy of Style.com1920s boot Courtesy of Google Images1920s Boot Courtesy of Google Images

 The 1920s boot below is a representation of the trending ankle boots that are trending this season.

Courtesy of Google Images

Don’t be afraid to incorporate these updated classic looks in your wardrobe this fall! One thing is for sure, designers will continue to look to classic looks from the past for their current inspiration.