Caroline – The Bohemian One

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Whenever I think of the bohemian man, I automatically think of Johnny Depp. His personal style is amazing; it ranges from scruffy beards to bandanas to distressed jeans. Whatever he wears, there is always an “undone” aspect. Depp was named the most stylish man in the world by GQ magazine and I definitely think many would agree. He is the true epitome of “eccentric cool”, due to his amazing vintage finds and extensive travels. He is always dressed well and fashionably, but there is never a feeling of trying too hard. His style has been described as “grunge” and “eclectic” and I think it fits his personality well. He layers rings and leather cuffs and pairs them with lots of plaid, quirky glasses and fedoras. His style rings true of “California Cool”.

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As the crush of many a girl, David Beckham pulls off the, “I rolled out of bed looking this great” look that so many girls love. He layers scarves, huge sunglasses, is always rocking the perfect scruff, and of course his many tattoos. His street style is very relaxed and purposely mussed up, while his red carpet style is very suave and sleek. But even on the red carpet, there is something that always sets him apart from the status quo: a quirkly, striped tie or super gelled back hair. While not on the red carpet or the soccer field, it is hard not to find him in a pair of jeans. They are his signature look and he frames the rest of his outfit around them. He always tucks his shirt into the left side of his body, while leaving the right hanging out, yet again completely that “perfectly imperfect” look that girls adore. His wife Victoria Beckham is always perfect and clean looking and they don’t ever match; therefore, I think that all of David’s outfits are of his creation. He loves brown leather, big aviators, and a healthy amount of layering to complete his UK to USA look.

McCall – The Trendsetter 

Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake and David Beckham all come to mind when thinking about fashionable men. Another name should be added to this list…youngster Douglas Booth. Douglas is not yet 20 years old but is not new to fashion. He is a British fashion icon and actor who starred alongside Emma Watson in the 2010 Burberry advertising campaigns and finished 2nd in GQs best dressed list for 2011. His style is casual and smart which keeps him always looking great and of course sexy. His wardrobe is full of timeless pieces that are the building blocks for most of his outfits. He combines classic pieces like a great leather jacket, trench coat, slim shirt or simple tee to create effortless, refined yet relaxed looks.

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Douglas creates slim silhouettes with his outfits and often wears tailored blazers in a variety of colors with dark jeans. While he does not choose bold colors or patterns, he opts for classic colors and timeless styles. All of Douglas’ styles work and have a fashion forward look to them. If I were to dress a man, I would dress him like Douglas 🙂

Shante Fenique – The Glamorista

I love men’s fashion. I’m totally obsessed with it. I credit my infatuation with men’s fashion to a stylish guy I use to talk to. I would consider him super metro! Fortunately we didn’t work out; yes, I mean fortunately! Long story short, he inspired me to love men’s fashion; him and Wall Street 1 & 2. If I could pick my dream guy, he would be very manly with loads of swag, which I guess means sex appeal. I don’t need a Boy George type in my life! I’m the glamorous one in this relationship right?  That’s a rhetorical question, the answer is a definite yes. For this glamorista, a manly man is a must. I love Novembeard when men don’t shave their facial hair as homage to prostate cancer. Nothing is sexier than a sexy beard to me! The pictures below definitely display my taste in men!

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Brooke – The All American

Nothing says American classic like Ralph Lauren. Cable knit sweaters, wool jackets, polo shirts, and button-downs are all staples of a man’s wardrobe. Each of these items are classics by themselves but can also be paired with more fashion forward items and accessories to bring up the style. Great ways to add on are scarves, funky socks, and hats. I love to see a guy cares about the way he dresses, and he looks presentable and put together. A man who understands these classic looks and can look great wearing them is attractive to me!

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I spent the summer working in Men’s collections at Macy’s. My favorite collection to work in was Men’s Polo of course! It was so much fun putting together outfits for the men shopping in my department. The first thing I would suggest was an outfit similar to this one: Khakis, a collar shirt, and a three quarter zip sweater. Men, I guarantee if you wear this, the girls will be swarming!

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As the weather continues to change in Missouri, I can’t help but think about outerwear! My favorite outerwear for men is by far a classic black pea coat. Not only do I love the look of a pea coat, but it will also last for multiple seasons! Update the pea coat with scarves and hats just like the picture below.

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