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Caroline – The Bohemian One

I have never, ever been afraid of experimenting with my makeup. Makeup to me is a form of art and there is not limit to the looks you can create. My makeup idols range from Brigette Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and of course, Marilyn Monroe. They had a quintessential look about them that made them legendary. While I love a classic cat eye paired with nude or red lips, I am also a sucker for anything outside of the status quo. I have played with rainbow eyes, glitter, dark berry lips, molten gold eyes and so much more. I never do the same makeup twice and my goal is never to. I love taking runway styles and adapting them to be wearable. Beauty is something that is not fixed, so there is never a true definition of a makeup that is particularly beautiful over another, therefore one should always be experimenting and seeing what they love! We are young and able to get away with things, so why not! Take a teal liner and line just the inner corner of your eye to make that area pop or line the whole bottom of your eye to make it really stand out. With lip color, use a really beautiful berry shade (great for fall!) and layer it on your lips. Pair the lips with barely there eyes and brows. You’ll be amazed. If you need to tone things down a big, take away one feature, either the lips, cheeks or eyes and your look with be automatically more wearable.

As far as hair is concerned, I have never dyed my hair, but I love the trends of ombré hair and fishtail braids. So many celebs are sporting these looks like Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie, and Blake Lively. You can experiment with temporary hair due with fun colors that will look especially cool braided or curled. Experimentation is always fun and you never know, you may find a look that you love! Try something different out today!

McCall – The Trendsetter

One makeup trend that I didn’t catch on to until recently is red lipstick. At first I was scared to try it but once I put it on and wore it out, I loved it! If you, like I was, and are scared to wear it or don’t think it will look good on you, TRY IT! Red lipstick can suit anyone. People forget that there are different shades of red that can be worn to create the same red lip look. Blood red is the most common shade, but it is not the only shade.

Let’s go Cardinals!



I love the deep red color Megan Fox is wearing. It really shows that there are more shades than the normal blood red. Her dark hair and dark lips are mesmerizing.


If you want to be a trendsetter, you have to make a statement. An what a statement it is to wear unnatural hair color. Colored hair has been a crazy style that celebrities have been wearing. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna all come to mind when I think about colored hairstyles.


Lady Gaga has worn crazy hairstyles and colors while performing or at awards shows. Here GaGa opted for shades of platinum blonde and Crayola yellow. It is the perfect compliment to her performance outfit and Barbie pink lips.


Rihanna went for a bold look wearing a bright red shade. She looks beautiful and I love the way she can pull this look off!


If you want to be a little more discrete, follow Katy Perry’s look with multicolored highlights. I like this look because it is not as vibrant and is more wearable than all over color. If you aren’t quite ready to make a semipermanent color change, go for the clip in hair extensions. They come in various colors and look great! So be bold, be beautiful and be colorful!

Shante Fenique – The Glamorista

I love love love long luxurious hair. My favorite kind of hair is wavy and/or curly hair. I think it’s glamorous, fun and beautiful. Below are some of my favorite celebs who do it well.

Courtesy of google images

I love Gabrielle Union and her hair. It doesn’t look overdone and it looks very beachy yet still fabulous.

Courtesy of Google Images

I love Kelly Rowland. She is a hair chameleon. She’s had her hair in so many styles over the years but nothing excites me more than long curls. It’s just something about long curly hair that I can’t get enough of.

As far as makeup goes I am in love with red lips right now and a cat eye. I love love love a bold red lip on African American skin. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought they looked good on me but I always want a red lip. The cat eye is just uber chic to me. It’s clean and can go with any makeup. Below is my favorite picture of a red lip and cat eye.

Courtesy of Google Images

This is one of my fav pics of Rihanna because she looks glamorous, chic and just bananas. I love pearls, black clothes, a great cat eye and red lips. This is a great mix of all my fav things. Did I say I love a great cat eye!??!! Nothing like it! No matter whether your a trendsetter, glamorous, all american or boho you can’t go wrong with red lips!

Brooke – The All American

I absolutely love doing my makeup when I’m ready to go out for a night on the town! I always strive to apply my classic sense of style in my makeup as well. One person in particular who inspires my makeup style is Audri Hepburn. My earliest memories of doing my makeup go back to when I was six years old getting ready for a dance competition. Even then I was trying to impersonate the makeup I saw on Audri Hepburn (although failing miserably). I even remember watching an “Audri Hepburn makeup tutorial” before getting ready for my senior year homecoming in high school (also failing miserably). I’m sure many agree with me when I say Audri Hepburn is an icon for classic beauty!

Courtesy of Google Images

Today I try to keep things a little simpler. I love to play up my eyes because I consider them to be one of my best features. I rarely leave the house without wearing eyeliner! I love to use an angle brush on the corner of my eyes to accentuate the shape of the liner. I also use a contour color in the crease of the eye with a light shimmery color to highlight the corner of my eyes and the arch of my eye brows.

My twin and I before a dance performance

When it comes to my hair I love wearing it down with a lot of volume on the top. I use a teasing comb with “Big Sexy Hair” hairspray. I back comb it in sections from where my bangs end to the crown of the head. I also love a sway bang that frames my face. Reese Witherspoon was the first person to inspire me to take the plunge into getting bangs. I don’t know if I pull them off as well as her, but I absolutely love my decision to get bangs! Hopefully you love these classic looks just as much as I do!

Courtesy of Google Images