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Caroline – The Bohemian One

Regardless of the season, I love the look of flushed cheeks. They remind me of cool, crisp fall days and that girlish, fresh look. It’s hard to look tired or downtrodden when your cheeks are a rosy pink. You can get the real thing or you can fake it, with Benefit Cha Cha tint, a makeup product that I recently purchased from Sephora. This liquid blusher is a coral color, which has been a big hue this year.

Here is Cha Cha Tint, which was released this year and retails for $21 at Sephora.

Image Source: Google Images

Below the Cha Cha tint is both swatched and blended, so you can see for yourself how it blends into the skin.

Image Source: makeup4all.com

Scarlet is seen here with a soft tint on her cheeks, along with a subtle rosy tint on her lips. She proves this look is the quick way to effortless beauty.

Image Source: hey-dollface.com

This product is amazing, because it only takes a tiny amount of this potent stuff to get you the perfect flush. You can dot it along your cheekbones for a more slimming look to complement your cheekbones, while a few dots along the apples of your cheek can achieve the perfect doll-like look. Either way, you will be looking fresh and alive. You can also wear this tint on your lips as well, for a nice, subtle coral tint that lasts all day long. Nothing screams “I’ve been playing outside all day” like rosy cheeks, the perfect completion to your bohemian outfit for fall!

 McCall – The Trend Setter

My favorite new purchase is my black leather motorcycle jacket. Leather jackets are one of fall’s biggest trends. With such a splurge item you want to make sure you can get the most out of your purchase. It is the perfect outfit clincher, and can complete any ensemble for day or night. My parents gave me this jacket as a gift and purchased it at andrewmarc.com. The one I got has a removable fur collar which gives the option of adding a different look as well as bringing the jacket into colder winter weather.

Image source: andrewmarc.com

 I pair mine with skinny jeans and stilettos or a simple dress with statement earrings. Going out? Leave the sweater or wrap at home for the evening and wear your leather over your cocktail dress.

Courtesy of stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

 Motorcycle jackets are fun way to add an edge to more feminine pieces. Celebrities can be seen adding these tough chic jackets include Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Walsh, and many more.

Courtesy of Google images

Paris Hilton dressing up a leather jacket with a sexy dress and pumps.

Courtesy of Google images

Lauren Conrad looks stylish and edgy paring hers with a studded belt and a simple skirt and white shirt.

Image source: hollywooddames.com

Jennifer Aniston looks comfortable and chic in her leather jacket, fedora, worn jeans and tee.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a leather jacket, you can still wear the trend. Try finding a faux leather version. Check out items from Nordstrom, Express, and Guess which offer the style for less.

Shante Fenique – The Glamorista

My favorite new purchase… well. I have bought several things. I think my favorite new purchase involves this DIY experiment that I’ve been working on the last two days. This is Mizzou’s 100th homecoming and we are the originators of homecoming. In light of that I took an idea from a great website, HonestlyWTF.com. I made these shoes from one of their Miu Miu inspired DIY posts for tailgating tomorrow =) SWAG!!! LOL

Brooke – The All American

I am a firm believer a woman’s closet is incomplete without a black pencil skirt! This classic item is extremely versatile as it can be dressed up or dressed down based on the occasion. I will wear almost any top with a black pencil skirt and a peep-toe pump and feel absolutely fabulous! It just so happens the last item I purchased was my black Chaus pencil skirt with a gold exposed zipper in the back. I like to call it my “mullet skirt” because it’s business in the front and party in the back! I love wearing my skirt to work with a fitted blazer because it transitions easily from day to night; all I have to do is take off my blazer and I’m ready to go out for the night!

Courtesy of Google Images

Selena Gomez looked fabulous while hitting the red carpets wearing an ivory ruffled top paired with a black fitted pencil skirt. This sophisticated look did wonders for the young actress!

Courtesy of Google Images

Yet another reason why I’m in love with Jennifer Aniston! I love how she can make a black pencil skirt look casual while walking the streets of the big city. Her black cardigan, charcoal tank top, and nude pumps compliment the skirt perfectly for a day time look.

I fully intend on incorporating Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston’s interpretation of the black pencil skirt to my own personal style. My next fashion endeavor is successfully wearing my new Chaus skirt in a casual setting! My eyes will be open for the perfect cardigan to complete my look. Ladies, if you don’t already have your black pencil skirt, get one soon! You won’t regret it.