Caroline Mueller – The Bohemian One

I find most of my inspiration for fashion from art. I have studied and taken art in school since Kindergarten and it has always been a huge part of my life. I learned to love the characteristics of lines, colors and textures though pieces of art that I studied. This has been greatly reflected in my fashion taste though choice to use patterns and prints at ease and playing up the lines and the silhouette of the outfit itself. Also, using bright colors in loud combinations has been something I have never feared, but loved. Contradiction and irony are two beautiful things that are fun to play with both in art and fashion and bring interest to each. Fashion to me should be an expression of yourself, your happiness, and make you feel beautiful. Sculptures, paintings, sketches, and ink drawings have always been my favorite ways to express sentiments and emotions through art. I will always be a learner of art, but now, my expression is through my choice of clothing and how I assemble pieces together. 

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Seen here is one of my favorite piece of art, “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimet. This piece was made with gold and oil paint, two very different mediums, yet they achieve a unique and lively appearance together. I love the iridescence of the gold contrasted with the wonderful flowers and night-sky background. It evokes feelings of bliss and contentment, while simultaneously makes me wonder what their story is. This piece inspires me to play with contrast and using unexpected materials next to each other, like leather and ruffles or studs and chiffon.

With art, there are no wrong answers and no rules; therefore, anything can be made that anyone wants to make. I feel that also applies with fashion, as it is a form of art and expression. With art as my inspiration, I am free to express myself through the fashion choices I make.

Be bold and be yourself!

McCall Balderston – The Trendsetter

I find my inspiration mostly from magazines, runway shows and red carpets. I love to pick up a Vogue, Elle, Style, or Glamour magazine and sit and flip through the pages to see the new must have items. Many times i will read and re-read the same magazine multiple times. Likewise, runway shows are very inspirational. I envy the women walking down the catwalk who get to wear magnificent clothing. By watching these shows i am able to see the trends coming up and find outfits that mimic the styles, just at my price range. Celebrities on the red carpet are also a great source of fashion inspiration. I love turning on the TV hours before the actual award shows just to watch and see who wore what. I know that we don’t get to dress as glamorously as them very often, but the gowns can tell us what colors, silhouettes, and accessories are on trend. So, in order to keep up with fashions, it is necessary to read magazines, view runway shows, and watch celebrities on the red carpet….i love being in style!

Shanté Fenique- The Glamorista

My style inspiration comes from so many sources but nothing influences me like other fashionable people. I’m a blog head; I LOVE BLOGS.  I love looking at fashion blogs that showcase different people from all across the world. It’s as if I’m traveling there from the comfort of my own home. These are my three favorites.

One of my favorite style blogs is Karla’s Closet.

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Karla wears a lot of vintage pieces that I love and she is very sexy.  She gives off a sense of glamour that is very mild but sometimes that’s all you need.  She’s not the normal skinny fashion girl that I see in a lot of magazines.  She has a great body, great style and is very confident.  I’ve been a adamant follower of her blog for years and definitely love her style.  She continuously grows and continues to influence me to do the same. She represents positive body image and most of all she really makes me want to slow down and enjoy the little things in life with her random adventures. Her blog is inspirational yet relaxing.

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Love this look it’s uber sexy and chic. Two of my favorite ways to be.

Another blog I love is Atlantic-Pacific

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Another blog I love is Atlantic-Pacific.  The blogger is Bee and her style is sometimes glamorous and always daring.  She wears lots of different prints and random colors together in such a unique and fabulous way.  She loves to layer and she loves to pile on the jewelry. This blog is very chic and fun.  I absolutely love her style because she does things I never even thought of doing.  Sometimes I take what she wears and I make it my own for all kinds of occasions such as job interviews. Pacific Atlantic is very fabulous.

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 Love the splash of color.

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 So Chic!

Last but certainly not least, The Sartorialist

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Scott Schuman started this blog where he basically goes around the world taking pictures of fashionable people. He’s worked for GQ and he has a great eye. I absolutely love this blog because it’s just not about women’s fashion but fashion in general. He sees fashion as an art form that people use to express how they want to be seen.  That is what I love most about this blog.  The Sartorialist features men’s fashion, which is something I have a secret obsession over (which isn’t that secret anymore I guess ha!) and even children’s fashion. This blog really opens my eyes and makes me want to dress better everyday.

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 I love this pic of these two fashionable women just sitting on a bench in the park. Love the rich colors and shoes.

Brooke- The All-American

I feel most of my inspiration is pulled from life experiences. For some reason I have never been able to get myself to sit down and read about fashion or click through pages upon pages of fashion literature on the internet. Instead, I am very affeceted by my surroundings.

The first life experience I feel affected my personal style was my dance career. I began dancing when I was three and retired when I was 19. I spent a year at Stephens College studying dance until I realized I wanted to be more career oriented and transferred schools. My classic style is a representation of the structured lifestyle I lived for 16 years.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Surprisingly, I find a lot of inspiration from this simple ballet picture! I love the clean lines of the dancer and the black and white colors.

I also find much inspiration from traveling. Last spring I had the opportunity to travel to Germany, Italy, and France. I was so inspired by the boutiques in the little towns we visited. For example, Sardinia Italy is known for its coral necklaces and fashion accessories. I couldn’t get enough of these necklaces and immediately included them in my wardrobe. I love statement pieces that have a story behind them as well. Now when I wear my coral necklace I can talk about the experiences I had in Sardinia, Italy!

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Courtesy of Google Images

Lastly, and probably most typical, I find my inspiration from street fashion. I pass thousands of people during a single day of classes at Mizzou. Street fashion has manipulated my personal style time and time again! First and foremost, I am a college student and comfort is the priority in my wardrobe. I eventually will have to update my style once I hit the career scene, but for now I’m perfectly find being a confy college student!

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