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We all love the decorative items that supplement and complement a look. Accessories can add color, style and class to an outfit, and create a certain look, but they can also have a practical function. Here are some of our top picks…

Caroline – The Bohemian One

To perfect the boho chic look, pile on the accessories! Whether they are stacks of bracelets and bangles, scarves tied in fun ways or that perfect leather bag, the sky is the limit for accessories.

To create a fun, eclectic look pile on bracelets of all colors, shapes, textures, and finishes. This fall bold statements are in so do not be afraid of adding a few bright, chunky bangles to your look. Rustic, leathery and metallic styles always help to add some interest and shine. The key to this look is stacking and piling the bracelets to make it look like you have acquired them over time and travels.

Image Source: http://www.endless.com

Scarves are always a big hit with the bohemian crowd. You can wear them on your head, around your neck, or simply wrapped around the handle of your purse. Recently, silk scarves have been coveted and infinity scarves are a big trend this year.

Image Source: Google Images

Scarves being used on the Trina Turk Runway. Image Source: http://www.typef.com

Leather bags are timeless, but rich, caramel colored ones are huge for this fall and are perfect for a outdoorsy, worn-in look. They are extremely popular in the satchel style (think the Hermes Birkin Bag) and in the messenger style. These bags continue to get better looking as they age, because the leather gets really soft and buttery. This Free People satchel is a great example of the trend.

Image Source: http://www.amaetaylor.blogspot.com

You simply cannot go wrong with brown leather accents, bold metallics, and bright scarves for accessorizing your fall hippie chic look.

McCall – The Trendsetter

 Accessorizing an outfit is the difference between making an appearance and just showing up. The perfect combination of a great outfit and accessories is key to being a trendsetter.

After years of mammoth sized bags that could fit more in them than Mary Poppins did, finally it’s time to come back around to the other side with mini bags. We all love mini versions of things, so this accessory is a great way to play up our favorite necessity…the purse. This trend has been spotted on many trendsetters and on the runways. I love the pint-sized bag with a long strap. They are perfect for work, on the go, and an evening out. Lauren Conrad wears a Rebecca Minkoff bag perfectly.

Courtesy of Celebrityfashionista.com

Courtesy of Nordstrom.com

I am seeing House of Harlow jewelry all over right now.  Celebrities such as Paris Hilton have been spotted in they stylish pieces. Below Paris is wearing a black resin necklace from Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line.  The necklace perfectly complements her Alexander Wang dress.  I love how contemporary each piece looks and the geometric shapes are very interesting. The black and gold items are my favorite.

Courtesy of Zimbio.com

Courtesy of Zimbio.com

Sunglasses are both practical and a great way to make a statement. Ray bans have made a comeback in the fashion scene, and are here to stay as shown by an immense celebrity following. These sunglasses come in various styles to fit anyone’s desires. The classic wayfarer is a perfect choice. So we should all follow in Rihanna’s steps to look good and when you go out just say, “I got my Ray Bans on and I’m feelin’ hella cool tonight.”

Courtesy of Google images

Courtesy of Google images

Shanté Fenique – The Glamourista

If you can’t walk around in bedazzled flats, fancy blazers and sequined Berets like me, there are other ways to show your glamorous side. I absolutely love accessories. I live for accessorizing because I don’t spend everyday being completely over the top. Well… at least I don’t think I do. To start with, EVERYONE must have a great pair of oversized sunglasses. Whether your glamorous, boho chic, trendsetter or the all American girl, sunglasses are a necessity They make your look utterly fabulous and usually give clean finished look to any ensemble.

Courtesy of huggymonster.com

Courtesy of Peoplestylewatch.com

 It’s always great to have statement pieces. I love earrings and necklaces but it’s something about a hand full of rings that I LOVE! Your hands are seen by so many people in your day-to-day life so it’s always great to have a ring on. If you haven’t found someone to put a ring on it just yet, a statement ring is always a chic alternative. Rings are fun statement pieces that are always eye-catching.

One amazing accessory you were born with were your fingers. So utilize them by decorating them!! Lately I’ve really gotten into polishing my nails because nothing is more glamorous than being perfectly manicured. Whether your into fake nails or, like me,  love to polish your real nails, there is a color and design for everyone. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about shellac so I plan to do that. Check out the fun colors and designs below.

Courtesy of myfashioncents.com

Courtesy of teenvogue.com

Brooke- The All American

I am beyond excited about these new rings trending for Spring 2011! This classy ring will be a sure show stopper for your next night out on the town. I plan on wearing this ring with a minimalist color scheme- I like my jewelry to speak for itself! You can get your very own ring along with many other trending classic jewelry pieces at CA&LOU.

Courtesy of Style.com

I feel most comfortable in a little black dress with statement jewelry. Lately I’ve been looking for ways to update my classic look! Jewel tones are all the rage for Spring 2011! This statement piece by Bulgari is the perfect way to update a classic look with trending jewel tones. I find this piece extremely versatile and could be worn with virtually any solid color.

Courtesy of Style.com

During our country’s hard economic times I find myself digging through sale bins and rummaging through clearance racks. But there is one fashion category I refuse to skimp out on due to my financial means- HANDBAGS! A Birkin bag compliments every woman’s outfit! I’m a big fan of statement pieces, but this classic handbag tops them all.