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With Fashion Week coming to an end, this is a perfect time to make our assessment of what trends are going to stay and which are not.

Caroline- The Bohemian One

With the flushed cheeks and pulled back hair, the vibrant colors and animal prints of Michael Kors stood out on the runways this past fashion week. Combatted with unexpected silhouettes, great use of pattern and fabric, this show was the epitome of adventurous, outdoorsy, and most importantly bohemian. Colors in this show included a mustard yellow, a soft kale green, and various neutrals. This was an unexpected showing from Kors, who typically presents soft, refined neutrals and streamlined outfits. The show was deemed, “Afriluxe”, and it definitely fit. Each model was wearing a pair of gladiator sandals that went almost knee-high, meaning that trend is still alive and well. Messenger bags were seen throughout meaning that trend hasn’t died out either. Cute and functional!

Courtesy of Redcarpet.com

The warmth of the colors really stood out for me in this collection and I think those are easily adoptable in everyday life. Introducing a fun animal print in an unexpected way will also spice up this style and add a bohemian flair. While it may be getting too cold for sandals now, look for them this spring!

McCall- The Trendsetter

Christian Siriano’s show can only be described as organic. The movement of the dresses (chiffon, long ruffles, and silk); the prints (abstract patterns); and the shapes (rounded edges, garments without a lot of structure, butterfly sleeves, flowing trains). Everything was unnatural and organic. Christian showed bright colors such as pea green and coral which stood out against the contrasting nudes and natural look of the models. This show made me sad about the approaching winter. These are MUST HAVE NOW  pieces, and I can’t wait until next spring to wear items like these! I am obsessed with ornate ruffle and mesh dresses. Christian has a way of putting both casual and dressy into one look that feels neither underdressed or too over-the-top. The looks were completed with matching neon eyeliner and chic, super side-parted ’60s hair which feels carefree and fun.

Courtesy of Style.com

The way Christian paired subtle nudes in various textures and femininity, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want every piece that came down the runway.

Courtesy of Style.com

Shanté Fenique-The Glamourista

How can one choose between Marchesa & Oscar de la Renta? I couldn’t, so I didn’t. Marchesa was truly a euphoric luxe experience. As Rachel Zoe would say, “I die.” Marchesa & Oscar de la Renta paraded ruffles, tassles, orgasmic silk and satin dresses. I loved every minute of it and semi fainted at the site of these fashion miracles. Literally, I. Can’t. Breath. But I must continue on because the nude dress below requires respect and thee upmost praise. Marchesa displays elegance and glamour with this nude dress; two feelings that describe my style. The ruffles speak to the undeniable glamourista/diva in me, but the color allows me to maintain that elegant essence that I love. Truly a work of art.

Courtesy of Style.com

Courtesy of Style.com

This fountain of beauty formed by the fashion god, better known as Oscar de la Renta, is literally on. another. level. It is without a doubt a piece from heaven delivered to those in the fashion world to drool over. No saliva. I absolutely love the crocheted crop top layered over the strapless, gathered yet flowy, red dress. In some ways it’s simple but in other ways it’s dramatic, glamourous and completely blackout worthy!! I can’t die over this because I’m already in my coffin. No vampire. Ha!

Brooke-The All-American

Who better to find inspiration from than the poster child for the American dream himself, Ralph Lauren? On Thursday, Septermber 15, as New York fashion week drew to a close, Ralph Lauren displayed his satisfying Spring 2012 collection- never disappointing the fashion industry. This Great Great Gatsby 1920s inspired collection is the epitome of an American woman. Androgynous suits compliment the womans body while emulating her strength. I can’t wait to step onto the corporate scene sporting these timeless looks from Ralph Lauren.

Courtesy of Style.com

Courtesy of Style.com

A pastel pink leather jacket is a must have for the spring season! I am obsessed with the sophisticated clean looks displayed in Ralph Lauren’s collection. Soft pastels paired with sweet ruffels contrasted with stark white power suits. Details such as a beaded bag or ostrich feather scarf compliment each look. Ladies, it’s safe to say girl power is here to stay!