Fall Fever


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It’s been quite a few months since I’ve really written on 4 In Fashion but I’m back to shed some glam! This self proclaimed glamourista, (ME!) logged onto Pinterest today and was immediately graced with some of the most beautiful interesting pictures for fall. I currently live in Chicago and I’m a HUGE fan of fall! It’s my absolute favorite season. The breeze, the layers and the boots are everything. This fall I’m feeling ripped jeans, sickening sweaters, sky high booties and sexy chic everything with a hint of sparkle. So I made this inspiration board. I hope it inspires you and gets you ready for the season and if your single like me maybe you’ll catch a cutie or 3! Ha!
XOXO Shante Fenique
Fall Fever

Beige top
$22 – missrebel.co.uk

Alexander McQueen silk blouse

Akris skirt

Miss Selfridge skinny jeans

Fendi ankle boots
$915 – stylebop.com

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Oscar de la Renta earrings

Wallis crystal jewelry

Henri Bendel ring

Wallis gold jewelry

Intriguing Emerald


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Pantone announced their 2013 color for the year and it is…wait for it… Emerald! What a gorgeous, rich, luxurious color to adorn ourselves in! Emerald green is a very lively color that energizes. Therefore, I am so excited to wear it! Emerald makeup has been popping up recently too. Wearing emerald as an eye look, is an easy way to try out the trend maybe before purchasing emerald apparel.

UK based Makeup Artist Samantha Chapman recently posted a beautiful makeup tutorial    on her Youtube channel Pixiwoo, that features a gorgeous all green eye and emerald nail. I will post it for you below:

Another way to slowly bring emerald into your routine is through nail varnish! What a great (temporary) way to try this trend out! Revlon and Essie make two beautiful colors.

Now, onto clothing. I am seriously loving this trend on everything. As an embellishment, jewelry, dresses, purses…you name it. It is just beautiful. Instead of blabbing on about how wonderfully beauteous it is, you can see for yourself. Let the eye candy begin.

Image courtesy of stylemagazine.com

Those dresses and that trench! Killer.

Image courtesy of foxandjanesalon.com

Now for a perfect outfit idea. Gold and Emerald were practically made for eachother and combining them will make your outfit. The beautiful contrast of the black, gold, and of course emerald make for a stunning and very classy outfit.

Image courtesy of kimkardashian.celebbuzz.com

My favorite way to wear emerald is pants and dresses, but as you can see from above, the opportunities are endless. So, get creative, take a chance and wear emerald. I highly doubt you will be sorry.

Have a fashionable week!

-Caroline, The Bohemian-

Mizzou Tailgate


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The weather may be cooling down, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your wardrobe and don sweatshirts and Uggs quite yet! Sweaterdresses with tights, leather jackets and huge chunky scarves will do the trick to keep you warm all day at all those fun tailgates before the games. Being in the SEC now, game day fashion has changed quite a bit, but I think it’s a great opportunity to dress up and show pride for your team in a classy and chic way! Add some pumpkin-flavored anything, hot chocolate and BBQ and you’ll be good to go!
On the left side of the set, you’ll find a chic option for staying warm on those long days. This dress is simple and something that you’ll be able to wear all fall and into winter and you can easy spice it up with mod tights and 60’s style glasses, as well as an awesome, on trend statement necklace. Those Tory Burch boots will be stylish, but also comfortable and warm for your toesies!
On the right side, there is the badass, Megan Fox, ‘I-put-no-effort-into-this’ look. That Balenciaga leather jacket is AMAZING, but also several thousand dollars, but I know you can find a dupe for it in stores. The black jeans you will be able to wear all fall and they will be stretchy and super comfortable to boot! Your army will be swimming in arm candy and the bow gives you a touch of femininity in a tough girl outfit. Finally, the shoes are up to you…You can either rock the SEC worthy cowboy boots in black or chestnut or choose to wear some of your favorite neutral flats. You have all the cute Southern boys giving you a double look!
Happy Autumn, everyone and GOOOOO TIGERS! MIZ-SEC
Mizzou Tailgate

Balenciaga biker jacket

Sheer hosiery

Yellow gold jewelry
$9.67 – chiarafashion.co.uk

American Apparel vintage watch

ASOS chunky jewelry
$13 – asos.com

$255 – mimco.com.au

Circle sunglasses

Fall Trends will have you falling in LOVE!


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Ankle boots. Cheetah Print. Leather. Ponchos. Vintage Florals. Tweed. Loafers. Arm Candy. Fuzzy Sweaters. Hints of Neon. Layers on Layers on Layers. Chestnut bags. Studs on everything. Military Chic.

Image Courtesy of atlanta-pacific.blogspot.com

Are you drooling yet? We are. After the steamy summertime, we are ready to pile on the layers and feel cold for once! Our Pinterest boards have been overflowing since July with scarves, jeans, and boot combos, but can you blame us? Alas, things are cooling down quickly, but also warming up with comfy sweaters, embroidered scarves, amazing boots and luxe leather jackets. Oh, and you can’t forget your pumpkin spice latte as your best accessory!

Image Courtesy of les-miserable.tumblr.com

This fall, adorn yourself in these trends and you will no doubt be comfortable, warm and on point! We can’t wait to break ’em out.

Let yourself experiment with different textures, lengths and looks to fully develop your fall wardrobe. Warmth is mostly the key here, remember that! But, you can also jazz up your outfit with studs, embroidery, a little badass-ness (:)) and a little bit of your personality with funky makeup.

Browse through these top trends for fall and comment with your favorite!

Image Courtesy of sevenhalos.com

Have a very fashionable weekend!

-The 4inFashion Girls-


Be a Burgundy Beauty


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Ladies, if there is one trend that I am totally excited about for fall its burgundy everything. Lips, eyes, nails, clothing….anything! I love that you can really work this trend to your tastes, since you can go for a darker, vampy, ox-blood color or a really fresh, bright burgundy that really sophisticates your look. This color works so well for all skin types and colors, for instance, it really pops against pale skin, looks regal on tanned skin and so exotic on darker skin tones. Celebrities have been rocking this trend in the form of lip colors as seen below:


Image Courtesy of styleswept.ca

Now for the daring girls out there: the burgundy eye. If you have green, hazel, or brown eyes this look is screaming your name, because your eyes are going to look gorgeous! Lightly smoke out an awesome burgundy purply color for a sultry, vampy look that is awesome for any fall look. You can find colors in inexpensive Maybelline eyeshadow palettes as well as more high-end shadows from benefit.


Image Courtesy of labellemel.com


Image Courtesy of beautylish.com

Finally, all the runways have shouted to us that burgundy is the color for fall, and you can see the trickle down into everyday street wear and I am LOVING it. The leather inspired looks we’ve seen practically everywhere go perfectly with this dark color to create an awesome, effortless vampy, yet romantic look. Burgundy creates the perfect pop next to chambray fabrics, mustard jeans, tall chestnut boots and so much more!


Image Courtesy of Fabsugar.com

Well, that’s all I have! Pick up some burgundy that inspires you and then make it work!

Good luck!

-The 4inFashion Girls-

SPRING into makeup!


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Hey everyone! Caroline here!

Spring and summer are two wonderful seasons to play with makeup, more specifically colorful makeup! I cannot wait to share with you some of my tips and trips for making these looks wearable for every eye color, skin tone, and personality!

First off, the coral lip. It’s bright, it’s cheery and you can’t have a bad day when wearing it! Coral is a color that looks wonderful on the lightest skin tones to the darkest skin tones and brings out blue eyes as well ask brown eyes. Now, coral can be worn on your lips, cheeks, eyes and toes! Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure!

With a coral eye look, the focus for lighter skin tones is on subtlety. You don’t want your look to scream, more whisper in a pretty way. I love to pair coral eyes with bronzed skin for a great effect. I load on the gold eye shadow (try “Half Baked” by Urban Decay) and then just slip some matte coral shadow (i love to use “Free to Be” by MAC) into my crease (the hollow of your eye socket) and pull it slightly above. When you do this, you get a simple pop of color that you can see when your eyes are open and closed.


Image courtesy of google images

Now, for darker skin tones (as seen in the RiRi photo above), you want to take that coral color and sweep it over the entire lid! This makes for a beautiful wash of color that makes your eyes pop. Green and hazel eyes will really be emphasized with this look.

When you think spring, you think floral dresses, easter egg hunts, thunderstorms…and flushed cheeks, right? Spring is the perfect time to look adorable and sport those effortlessly pinched cheeks! There are so many blush products that have inundated the market. There are creams, gels, powders…you name it, it exists. I happen to like the cream/liquid products that not only give you a pretty flush, but also give you a little gleam and a highlight.

Some products you could use to achieve this are:

Bobbi Brown Sheer Cheek Tint

Makeup Forever High Definition Blush

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush (super afforable!)

ELF Studio Cream Blush ($1-3 dollars!)

The list could go on and on! These products are also great because you can also apply a lot of them on your lips and your eyes if you were in a pinch and needed to look perked up fast! In terms of application,  I would suggest applying the blush on the sides of your face (top of the cheekbones) and blending in towards the apples. This not only slims the face and provides more contours, it also lessens the “doll-like” appearance that blush applied on the apple of the cheek can provide.

Last, but definitely not least, we have the lips! Lips are definitely the biggest statement accessory you can have this season. I have seen purples and pinks and neons all over! Do not be afraid to try out these colors, if it doesn’t work out how you’d like.. you can always just try something else! Bright lips are the ultimate expression of a huge personality, which I love.


Image courtesy of google images

Obviously, I am not going to tell you to wear all of those colors to work or to the gym… but on your days off or nights out with the girls, be brave and try something out! I would suggest that you keep your eye makeup toned down and neutral, so your lips can take center stage.

Here some celebs lead the way..


Image courtesy of google images

Well, that’s all I got! I hope you have a beautiful rest of your week x Caroline

Summer is in the air, but not quite yet!

Hello Everyone! We have all been busy in college and work, so sorry for the lack of action! However, we have a lot planned for the blog and can’t wait to show you all. We are thinking about having guest posts from some style “mavens” who have their own style confidence and aren’t afraid to show it! Since Shante Fenqiue is located in Chicago now, Brooke will be moving to Saint Louis, McCall will be going to Kansas City, and I will be the last one here at Mizzou! Therefore, we will all have several perspectives on the different street styles in our area as well as from the runway. So, be on the lookout for some new exciting things to come! We love you all!

Transitional Looks for Spring


Did you just buy those boots for next to nothing on sale at Nordstrom? Or that adorable sweater from Anthro? Well things may be heating up for spring, but there are definitely ways to weave those new (or old!) pieces from your winter wardrobe into your spring one!

Caroline – The Bohemian

One of my favorite transitional looks for spring are boots! Boots go wonderfully with a flows spring dress and will keep your feet warm if there’s a breeze in the air. Galoshes are an absolute necessity in the spring and within the past few years, retailers have created some absolutely amazing styles and patterns to spruce up the typical rain boot.

Like I said, dresses and boots are my favorite springtime combo! Think cowboy boots with a white sundress and a colorful scarf, a purple simple dress with tall chestnut riding boots, or colorful galoshes with…just about anything! Here are some visual examples:

20120322-114956.jpg image source: heritageboot.com

Also, here is the wonderful galoshes look!

Shanté Fenique – The Glamourista

I personally prefer scarves. You can take them season to season and they can be used as an accessory or to keep your next warm. Here in Chicago it can get quite windy so I love to use them for both of these purposes. They keep me looking chic and keep me from getting a terrible cold. I have a growing multitude of scarves in my closet! If your like me or want to adapt this trend for the spring and summer here are some ways to tie your scarves along with some great scarf options.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Don’t forget to check out my own personal blog http://chicnchocolate.wordpress.com/ =)

Remembering Whitney Houston

Today we lost a legend who changed the world with her voice. We have journeyed with her through her struggles, learning from her and being empowered by her voice and music. Her style, her life and everything about her will be missed. We will always love you Whitney. RIP Whitney Houston

*All images courtesy of Google*

New Year; New Trends! What’s new, what’s to stay and what’s to go!


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With each new year, designers and fashion sources release gobs and gobs of information about what is going to be “big” in trends for the year. Some of these trends can be crazy, so we are going to interpret them and show you how to use them into your own lives – the real girl way! Keep reading!

Image Source: fashionising.com

Caroline Mueller -The Bohemian One

What’s New:

Spunky Tangerine and Orange! Last years Pantone color of the year was a coral-y pink called Honeysuckle and it was seen everywhere! I myself fell in love with the color and was hesistant to let it go. Alas, another color has captured my heart: Tangerine Tango. It is a punchy orangish red that isn’t for the faint of heart! The runways were covered in this shocking color and others like it as well. Oranges, corals, and reds work with this trend as well and are here to make a statement. It pairs gorgeously with gold accessories and bags. It can also be seen in lip colors! It’s a flattering color that suits the lightest to the darkest skin colors. Heck, even our blog background is almost tangerine! All in all, I adore using tangerine to brighten up any outfit and you definitely cannot miss this trend for 2012!

Image Source: blog.hgtv.com

Image Source: modern-eve.com

What’s to Stay:

Colorblocking! This trend has been around for a while now, but I think that girls (and guys!) are finally starting to get into it and realize how fun and surprisingly simple it can be. To begin, take baby steps by donning a colorful cardi with a bright pair of shorts or a skirt. Leave the rest of your outfit in neutral territory. If you have already removed your training wheels, then go for more; however, experts highly suggest to avoid overloading color (stick to 3-4 colors) in order to stay away from a Lady Gaga meets Nicki Minaj meets Paul Frank. I suggest to play around with different garments and truly try everything; you never know what will mesh perfectly! With Spring fast approaching, using lighter and brighter colors will definitely be in style. Also, try to find colors that go well together,  such as pink and orange or lime green and navy for a more aesthetically pleasing look. I am especially loving the “pastel block” take, since it reminds me of 1990’s country clubs gone modern and chic! I think it is an easy way to transition into the colorblocking trend as well as get yourself ready for spring with beautiful washed out lilacs and peaches. Colorblocking is a totally great way to express your personality and truly stand out from the crowd!

Image Source: Google Images

Image Source: golden-jungle.blogspot.com

What’s Gotta Go:

Colorful Camo! When I even hear that phrase, I am almost immediately taken back to my days of head to toe Limited Too. I am almost positive that I owned a baby pink sequined camo track suit. Yikes. While I appreciate the creativity of this trend, I think we should leave the camo to our Armed Forces. I hear all too often about the “newest camo” that is being released from my very own Army boyfriend, that I don’t need to hear about it again on my beloved fashion blogs! I just find this trend cheesy and not made to last-maybe that’s why it’s a trend. If you do go for this look, try to stick to soft and pretty camoflagued look.

Image Source: retailfetish.com

With this unseasonably warm Winter we are having, we may be able to put these trends to use early! Happy shopping, everybody! XO

McCall Balderston – The Trendsetter

What’s New:

We all love the LBD, but here’s a new twist on the classic…the little RED dress! You are guaranteed an unforgettable entrance wearing the more vibrant color. Opt for dresses with details like pleats or ruffles to add interest to the monochromatic look without taking away from the brilliant red. We all know that our favorite go to dress isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it’s time to make space in your closets for this equally flattering option.

Image source: vancouversun.com

Image source: fashionology.com

What’s to Stay:

Peplum skirts! Talk about an item that does the flirting for you! This peppy dress and skirt style will set you apart from the typical. These skirts rest nicely at your tiniest part and flare out to give you a beautiful shape (perfect for those boy shaped girls!). I think this look would great paired with a simple fitted white tee and a bright pink or neon skirt. Obviously, you can buy it in the dress version and have your outfit already done! I love this look because it is madman gone sassy and its the perfect anecdote to a normal, boring skirt. Some can take on a very geometric flare, but I prefer the simple pleated version, as I feel that is more wearable and girly. You can find the peplum waist look on some tops as well and you can pair those shirts with some shorts or a streamlined black pencil skirt to attain the same look!

Image Source: fashion-allure.com

What’s Gotta Go:

All over prints! The runway of Cynthia Rowley, Derek Lam and many more were seen with a plethora of prints. Ranging from tribal to floral to asian inspired, these prints covered every inch of the body. They were too much for me and much too loud for wearing on the whole body. If you are still enamored by these prints, use them sparingly. The best way to wear these looks is to interpret one (ONE!) bold print into your outfit to make a statement, otherwise you’ll look like someone’s curtain or other houseware item. Not good! I am all for trendy prints, but this look is too much! Gotta go!

Image Source: fashionizers.com

Shanté Fenique – Glamourista

What’s New:

I’m the kind of person who loves black, gold, red and things that shine, are classic yet glamorous. If you have been reading this blog you know this all too well. Over the last year or so, I’ve been trying to push my self into wearing more colors especially bright ones. Bright colors look extremely well with my chocolaty skin. When I was in Anthropologie the other day, I saw so many colorful skirts and pants. They were absolutely breathtaking. If your not ready to get into the color blocking trend you can try out wearing a pair of colorful slacks. This spring I urge you to put a little color in your wardrobe and make a statement with a bright colored pair of slacks or a skirt.

Courtesy of Who What Wear

Courtesty of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

What’s to Stay:

Stripes and polka dots are here to stay. I personally love them and would wear them every day if I could. I need to buy more because they are just soooooo fabulous! I think they can be chic, sexy, classic or glamorous depending on how you pair them.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Who What Wear

 What’s Got to Go:

Lingerie as outerwear has got to go. Last spring it was in and I really am not into it. You can be sexy without displaying your under garments or dressing to show off all of your ASSets.

Courtesy of Google Images

Brooke Cummings-The All-American

What’s New:

1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s Looks! The retro look is here again, but now with some fun new textures and waist bearing ensembles in classic shapes. The flared cat eye shaped sunglasses are so fun and are really flattering for most face types. Bustiers atop mesh with peplum skits and big cocktail jewels are the epitome of this look. Even down to the makeup and hair, everything is so adorable and retro! Definitely something to look forward to wearing when the weather gets warmer!

Image Source: tokyofashion.com

What’s to Stay:

“Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.” Of course this quote is from one of our favorites, The Devil Wears Prada. Well, it is true. You simply cannot run from florals in the springtime. This year, however, the florals are bigger and bolder that ever and are more of a statement piece than a quiet understudy.

Image Source: gabrielleteare.com

What’s Gotta Go:

The “Sporting Goods” Look. Wet hair, mesh, and mismatched colors characterized many of the sports oriented looks coming form designers like Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs. The fabrics were harsh looking and something you’d never catch me wearing in the gym! This was not something that you’d expect for a spring/summer debut. Spring is the quintessential “pretty” time and these looks are anything but pretty. I was highly disappointed!

Image Source: fabsugar.com